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But, sometimes our feelings is difficult
to be disclosed with words".

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm in dilemma..

It has been a very very long while since i last wrote an entry. I tried writing a few times but i was just too busy to write. Either that or i wasn’t in the mood to write. Wrote half way and then felt that it was boring so i deleted them.

Now, on to the juicy part of this entry.

What should i do? Hmm… a tough question i must say…
Argh, just thinking about it makes my head spin.Praying is one thing, but then i can’t seem to find the answer yet. Hmm… should i do this or should i do the other thing? I’m being very vague cause i’m discussing about a secret between my Ego and my ID.

Firstly, what am i supposed to do? I pray that God shows me something soon. I’m kinda in distress even though I’m on holiday. Somehow this holiday isn’t that enjoyable thanks to my mind which keeps on thinking.

Secondly, ‘to do something that i would enjoy doing and get paid’ or ‘to do something that i wouldn’t enjoy doing but would get more pay’, Which option is better?

Sighs, i guess i’ll just have to be patient and deal with the present first before plunging myself into ‘tomorrow’s problems’.


  1. huhu..cpatnye update..

    kite 1 fakulti..

    n mase sem 3 satu group kayak..


  2. haha,ye ke...

    sory2,x prsan lak..

  3. uish2..smpat lgee kat cniee..
    nak berkenalan..
    kah3..ak xtao nak komen ape da niee..
    tu yg mnyibuk jee tuee..