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Friday, January 1, 2010

Now and then..

-5 years ago-


Just a few things I realize now that I am getting older (huhuhu). I really see that life becomes a full circle as the years go by. Whether we like it or not, we are not as young as we used to be. In some cases we are not as healthy as we once were either. There will come a time for us to think about slowing down.

I think most of us mature and gain experiences which can either temper some things or improve aspects of our core personalities. And unless we have strong motivation, we usually don't stray too far from that basic. But we can change some things if we want, but those are usually things like our actions and speech, not how we are inside. We change a lot in many ways yet we are still the same person. No one would guess that the Amir Pali they meet today was the Amir Pali who was with them during primary or secondary school. Although I still feel like I am the same person, it’s weird. I think that in most people it changes for the better as they MATURE.

But it's time to let go. Time to be all we can be. Time to take the lessons from the past and apply them to where we're going. Talking about what's happened over and over won't change things. Saying good bye to the past can be so very hard. That static place becomes our existence. But we're not meant to stay in one place. We're meant to live. Release the baggage, release others.

Life is change and the nature of change is letting go!!!


  1. ak tggu lg 20 tahun..
    cm ne lah rpe ko eh??
    jgn b'tmbh besar spek mata ko suda lah...
    kih3x.. :p

  2. mmg len gile muka ko tyme muda2..
    skunk nie zaman kegemilangan ko an..
    dri muda ke tua..
    gmbar ko da berkedut naty ak nk tgok..jgn lupe post..ak tggu gbr tuee.

  3. insyallah,klu panjang umur..
    aku siap print,pastue post kat umah ko ek..