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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Konvensyen Mahasiswa Melayu : Fill The Current Reality

Malaysia is famous for the multi-racial population. The Malay race as a majority population of the core nations followed by Malay and Chinese and Indian minorities in the Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. Multi-etnics privilege that exists in Malaysia is due to the mercy of the unity enjoyed by all people in this country.Recently, national unity began discussing breach between people. Rights of the Malays as the original inhabitants of Malaysia began earth-challenged and disturbed by the jolt other races.

Question the social contract, Economy New Policy (DEB), issues of language and religion of Islam began to attract attention, especially the Malay people. Fractures the unity of quality is also due to the weak leadership of the streamlining and apply the national cultural policy by the National security over racist political ideology. These are realities that must be faced by the younger generation today.

PKPIM has outlined several objectives of the Convention as follows;

1. Collect university students from Institutions of Civil nationwide.
2. Analyze current issues from a variety of papers and through presentations during the interactive question and answer session.
3. Creating understanding to the younger generation about the current issues discussed.

PKPIM also organized this Convention to achieve several goals;

1. Move towards activities and programs in the current issue of discussion among students at national level.
2. Towards improving the quality of students in understanding the issues and have a sense of responsibility towards country.
3. Towards unity among the younger generation is more sustainable.


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