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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I serve Nuffnang..

I'm just sign-up with Nuffnang yesterday because of the insistence of my friend. I cant review much about it because I'm just a newbie. I have to learn more from the expert. So,here a few information about it.

Company Overview:

Nuffnang is the first and leading blog advertising community in Asia.Our aim is not just to earn moolah for our bloggers who have come to be known affectionately as Nuffnangers, but also to forge a vibrant and cohesive community from within.

  • To provide a viable source of income to bloggers and web publishers
  • To forge a community that is cohesive, inclusive, and giving
  • To open up the power and influence of bloggers to credible brands and promising products and services
  • To be a force for good in the wider community
For those who is interested to join can sign-up here.

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