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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Premier Football Facebook make me crazy!!!

Challenge Mat Burnt FC

Other than Facebooking, I am currently playing Premier Football Facebook with my friends. As always, the purpose to play this game is to win. It serve no purpose if no one in the game wants to win. But there is always a strategy to maximize your game play and get the best outcome with the least amount of time.This is actually not a cheat, but it will be a very good strategy to beat your friends and family in this game.The motive of this game is very basic, MONEY because there is no extra bonuses for referring friends and all you could challenge is 8 games / day. The more games you play, the better your player gets, moreover, you get money for training, bribing and wining incentive for your team. Getting bigger stadium the shortest amount of time will get you to the top.

How do you get more money?

1. Make sure you challenge 3 matches a day
2. After you get more than 20,000 seats stadium a day, you should always buy bonus challenge and have 4 challenges a day.
3. Upgrading your stadium seat immediately after a challenge is much more efficient, but it is hard to tell when your opponent will take up a challenge. If they are your friends, you could instant message them.
4. Get challenges from people with 250,000 seats. [This is the hard part and you could learn the trick here] – This will maximize your money earning each day, but you will get a very high negative goal difference and some loses. Not to worry because you will need to do this most probably until 120,000 stadium seat and after 2-3 days, you will get 250,000 stadium seats.

So, do enjoy your game. I'm always accept challenges.Anybody who got Premier League Facebook can challenge me.I'm appreciate that....hehehehe