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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ARW presentation..

Finally, I've finished present it on this evening at 2.45 o'clock. I'm trying to perform as well as possible.but....

After everything settle, I started to worry about my performance....*damn it*

-just wondering-

-nervous lorr-

-waiting for our turn patiently-

-pening kepala ke cik abg oii-

at last, our turn was coming.....

I'm not that worried anymore. The problem is I always fail in my life and I rarely got the good feedback from other people. If they had, they just keep quiet which is so sad...

It's very inspiring eventually. I already give what the lecturer wanted. But I know this feeling of worry-ness will slowly come again.

I just can't wait to finish everything.

Ok lah…. I just want to do nothing this weekend and free my mind before I start writing for my last assignment of Soil Mechanics and Geology.

That’s all from me..

-peace bebeh and one love-

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