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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Am Not Hardworking

I have been sitting on my study for the past 3 hours. I might look like very hardworking with all those books around me. But actually i'm not. It is just that since the first week well mayb second week i have not really been paying attentions in class. I just can't concentrate hard on it. So, now i have to borrow notes and exercise answers from my friends and seniors to catch up. I have to do this now and prepare everything for revison during final exam which is around 1 month to go. Althought I am lazy but i hate last minute work.

Well, just finish copying assignment. Still got a long way to finish. Some more got 3 others subject which I haven't touch yet. But if you let me choose again, i still don't think i will pay full attention in class. I just can't do it. But mayb i will try to listen a bit more than usual.

haha! i know de comment for this entry won't be good. anyway i m open to take up advise from you guys....(^__~)

1 comment:

  1. ala..time kene study, kite study.. letakkan semua yg lain di tepi..

    thou i dont really know ur problem, but just stay strong n keep praying to Allah..
    kadang2 Allah bg masalah sebab nk suruh kite berdoa dan mendekatiNya.. sbb kite ni mudah sangat lupe akan Dia terutama bile kite senang hati..

    pape pun, bonne chance!!!