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Friday, October 16, 2009

My world is caving inwards

Okay, so it is 6.00 am in the morning and poor old me haven’t slept even though i’m really tired (i’m finishing up a project and assingment).

LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! I have just finished my last project and i’m not happy at all because for this particular project i am very angry, mad and full of killing intent. Well whatever… the person i’m angry with would never notice anyway.hahahahaha....

Well, i’m always slaving myself for people, and i’m so sick of it. Seriously, enslaving myself to please others is really hurting myself. Sadly, ’stupid me’ just can’t stop feeling guilty whenever i don’t help someone. THIS SUCKS!

I think i’ve got to change. Me trying to be a good friend to some people just don’t work. Yeah, i know, it sucks, sadly there is nothing i can do about it. So, i’m just going to stop trying to please these people. I’m really tired of being the fool who just keeps giving. As of now, no more (hopefully). Soooooooooo tired right now. Maybe it’s just the feeling at the moment. I hate myself so much whenever i realize that I’ve been kind to someone who doesn’t appreciate the kindness. It is kinda like a slap back at your face.

I don’t even know what i’m typing right now. I’m just so dead blur and everything in my mind just blurts right out as if i’ve been injected with the truth serum. Weirdly enough, i was happy about 10 hours ago.

Oh well, i’m going to sleep. Good morning.

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