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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hardworking Alloy

tonight,i saw a weird situation.dunno wat was happened to one of my fren. he was my roomate.so i know wat did he doing everyday at anytime.but,different thing was happenned tonight where i could see da hardworking side inside him.

I was surprised and happy with his hardworking.thing like dis is really-really rarely to happen.

Give all his times to finish the lab reports because we must submitted it tomorrow morning.he got really2 busy right now even i write about him on my blog,he didn't realize it.

giving his full attention doing his lab report

he finished his work at 3.00 a.m in da mornink. waa, lmbatnye ko tido Alloy...
and quickly 'beradu' around 3.15 a.m...

sleep soundly

i could see how tired he is.takpe laa Alloy,tido laa puas2,esok klas start kul 11.00...

and me??? juz play around doing nothing,hak3....

and then 'tewas diulit mimpi gak.....

*photo snap by Alloy CCL 9751


  1. amir...
    nk poster pemain bola tuh..
    nk lex kt blk gak..
    leh x??
    kalu de nk kaka...

  2. haa,ko pon minat bola gak kew???
    aku pon ngah mencari gak poster kaka tue..

  3. cari la tuk ak sekali ea...
    nnt kalu jmpe jgn lupe taw...
    kite kerat due..
    dpt separuh pon jd la...