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Friday, October 16, 2009

love hurt...

I guess when we are in a relationship although it’s only a friendship or a relationship with a special someone, it does hurt when it is not working out the way we want it to. As a matter of fact, I feel that all relationship hurts when things are not smooth sailing.

How do we connect love and friendship together and are they the same thing?

For me they are the same because when you are in a relationship or it’s only a friendship, it involves our emotions such as love. If you don’t like someone, you wouldn’t befriend with the person in the very first place unless you are forcing yourself to do so.

People have always said that we will find our true love one day but my guess is it’s not that easy to find someone whom will stick by you through thick and thin and love you for the way you are. After all, life’s not easy all the time and it can be a bitch to us. Maybe you have to be a bitch sometimes to survive in this cruel world … Or we don’t have to? I wonder.

I was just thinking, how many people out there really cherish their relationship? I do cherish my lover though I don’t know whether she appreciate me for who I am or not but deep down inside my heart I know she really appreciate me for being myself. Is relationship like a guessing game since you have to guess whether the person cherish you as his or her lover or not?

Love hurt. They do. I’ve been through numerous hurtful relationships and sometimes I feel tired of it because I cannot seem to deflect those memories from my mind … Only if I was reminiscing. Though I’ve been through all these hurtful times, I realised that it made me open my eyes to the world and it showed me what kind of people are inhabiting this world. It made me realise so many things and also it taught me how to look at people from a different perspective. Is this something good or bad?

I don’t know. Lately, I’ve been feeling melancholic. Perhaps my melancholy self has got something to do with the things that I have in mind.

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