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Sunday, October 11, 2009

when i grow up,i wannabe a civil engineer

Ever since I was young, I have excelled at mathematics and science. Numbers came easy to me and I was a natural problem solver, but it was not until my first semester in the university that I realized I was born to be an engineer. It all started in my engineering drawing class when I received a seemingly simple computer assignment; build an animated version of fully functioning house using Auto-cad. I found taking measurements to construct the ideal house and then testing my designs was fascinating. After class, I looked into jobs that involved constructing roads and bridges and fell in love with civil engineering. I would like to jump right into the engineering program and gain hands on experience so I will be ready to tackle any civil engineering job after graduated. One opportunity I would like to seize during my university experience is participating in the intern program in order to work with other engineers in a job setting. Then I discovered that I could make a good living as a civil engineer and do work I enjoy.

The second thing I noticed about engineers could almost be described as their hallmark. It is called tinkering. Born engineers tinker. It is a compulsion, really. You get an idea and you HAVE to go build it. You combine disparate parts into a new configuration to see if it will work, and how. The important part is that the tinkering is not about building cool stuff. That's just a side benefit. Tinkering is about learning. It is about testing hypotheses. Through tinkering the engineer learns how natural materials behave. They learn what works and what doesn't. Tinkering leads to understanding. Understanding leads to better design. So is it the compulsive tinkering that leads to becoming an engineer, or that the individual was a born engineer and tinkering is just one of the traits? We may never know.


  1. amir..
    windu nye kt survey camp..

  2. ko rindu kat survey camp ke,rindu kat aku???
    xde laa gurau jew..
    jangan marah...

  3. aik??ak mrh or de org len mrh??
    juz kidding...
    windu kt ko jgk ler..
    windu kt group kite y happening giler tuh..
    rs cm nk berjoget2 ag taw..

  4. haa,lawak giler kan...
    ko ade x video tue???

    ble aku fikir blik,aku tertaye2...
    aku kna rasuk ke mlm tue...
    tetibe je jd giler ble naek pentas..
    kat luar senyap lak...


  5. haha..
    taw xpe..ku lg la tertye2..
    ngape ngn c amir nih..
    dmm kure2 ker??
    pape pon mmg syok...kn3??

  6. ha'ah,mmg syok giler...
    dah lme x melalok camtue...