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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Truancy among students is on the rise. However, I believe not all the blame goes to the students. Let me share with you on why students make decision to skip classes based on my experiences.

1) The subject taught was not of their interest. But, they were force to take the subject just for the sack of getting to the next level.

i.e : Soil classes - i really hate this class so much. wah, not interesting at all.just looking at the screen and a few minutes later i’m fall asleep.hak3....

2) Some of the teacher taught the student purely base on the text book. They came in and required student by student to read out loud base on the text book which I believe they can do at home too.

i.e : Geography - unprofessional teacher who just coming and ask somebody read the textbook, and then he fall asleep on the teacher's desk.WTF.... i dunno why he can be a teacher at a boarding school.

3) Some tone used by the teacher to teach was too soft and stagnant which can make the student feel sleepy hence they lost interest to attend the class.

i.e : Mechanics of Material – he speaking in front without using microphone. How can I hear you???

4) Some teacher was bias against the students. They only focus on students that they like. Term use was "teacher's pet". Other students feel as if they were invisible. I had experience teachers who gave negative remarks on student such as they won’t pass the exam. So, how do you expect the student to attend the class with interest again?

i.e : Soil classes - he just focused on female students.dak2 laki jgn haraplah die pandang.gile seks puye lecturer...

5) The teacher was very fierce and scolded the students for no particular reason.

6) The duration of a class was too long.

i.e : Soil classes – WTF...3 hours in a day. Oh, boredness were rising in myself...

In order to curb the truancy, some of the steps need to be taken.

1) Teacher needs to be taught on the skills of teaching to make class more interesting. Students nowadays are smarter than those days. They don’t need things written in the text book. They need the experience of life. Teacher can try to apply the subject with the current life experience.

2)} Teacher needs to understand their students and their difficulties. Not all the students are born talent. Some are slow in absorbing certain things. They need to be patient and give support to them instead of showing negative remarks. Everyone likes to feel important.

3) Make the classroom as places of enjoying and learning. Allow students to voice out and have an open discussion. It is better than just focus on the book as working life is about communication and not book.

However, not all teachers are bored. My applaud goes to the teachers who treat all the students with no difference and with their creativity, they make the class interesting. They are well like by students and these teachers are like friends to students.

Therefore, for the teachers- start changing the strategy of teaching to make your class interesting again. When student likes your class, you will enjoy your profession.

Lastly, not all student who commit truancy fail badly in school. Some of them excel with flying colours. Why? It is up to you to think...


  1. salam...abg nie ex-student sesma ker??? saya ni pown student sesma sekarang...

  2. yup,..abg batch 29...nice 2 meet u..(^_~)