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to be disclosed with words".

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

last classes wif Miss Najiyah


Thank you for your sacrifice.
Thank you for being patient to us.

We love you...!!!


  1. TQ very much...i'm really happy because have students like u and your friends...u'all buat sy rasa dihargai...hehehe..wish u all gud luck for this becoming final exams not only for my subject, but also in other subjects...

  2. satu lg advice dari sy,don't give up if you all pny carry marks ckit,just do the best in your final and prove to me that you all dah study n buat yg terbaik..if your final is good,so i can just give u an A's withut looking at your crymrks..rasanya lec lain pun akan buat mcm tu...hehe...

  3. waa,ten-q miss...
    miss mmg baek....

    i'll do my best..(^__~)

  4. wow!!miss terbaek!!hehe
    jhum kte pakat skor final!!

  5. hahah...tp korg berdua dapat mrkh coursework tgi...so dapatla nk wt cmtu...hahahaha