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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kayaking project...*best siot*

UMP kayaking once again make another activity to fulfill their ko-q marks. It's like a final exam for those who took kayaking for their ko-q this semester. It have been held at Casuarina Resort at Pekan, Pahang on 24 & 25 of October.

A lots of thing was happened, but I can't review much. Sorry guys, i'm just going to summarize it because tonne of works were waiting me to finish it.

we depart from UMP at 9 a.m. but, because of some clashes with Briged Siswa activities, we're departed 30 minutes later.bad management right???....*sigh*

we stayed for 2 days and one night over there and I got a lots of new experiences. especially kayaking at the sea, fighting with the wave and the strong wind. got a lots of fun lorr.but so sad we can't take some picture at that moment because we're not allowed bring camera to the sea(fear of falling to the sea).huhuhu....

kayaking pass through the estuary of the river were quite difficult. a lot of challenges before we enter to the sea. billow and sometime collide with others kayak. but, we pass through it without any kayak rolled back. everyone had survive..hehehe

we spent around 2 hours on the evening for one way and we returned back to the jetty on the next morning. Actually, we should do kayaking in pairs, 1 boy and 1 girl in 1 kayak. But Sobri was chosen me as his partner(bukan sbb kitorg gay ok). It's just because no girls were consented with us. Yelaa, I'm not handsome right!!! Alhamdulillah, we managed to be the first person arriving both ways. Sobri, we did it!!! hehehe...

At night, we had barbecue. there have about 40kg of various fish and one 'ikan pari helang' weighting about 17kg.

Enjoy watching some picture I had captured on that day....


night talking..

evening walking..

Barbecue time....

we should departed at 5 p.m but the driver bus lost their ways and the bus was very2 *****.
so our journey to return back to UMP was delayed for 2 hours..WTF

we arrived at UMP around 10.30 p.m.a little bit tired but we've so much fun. thanks to Mr. Azhar for giving us such opportunity....

Never do it before. What i can say, this is a nice activity. I got such a great experience. Wanna to join it again if I got the chance.....


  1. harharhar..~
    bout ur partnr tu tipu la amir..korng yg xnak bpisah kn3.ksian gals tau.skt lol.korng mmg xksian kn KAMI.huhu.btw we had sOOOOOOOO much fun there.OMG!mao p lg pls..hahahaha!;P

  2. aik???ye ke???

    no comment....